1 Introduction

The present generation does not recall the Islamic State that implemented Islam, and those who lived during the last years of the Islamic State (‘Uthmani Khilafah) against which the West had directed its onslaught, had in fact witnessed the vestiges of a state implementing remnants of Islamic rule. It is extremely difficult therefore for many Muslims to percieve the structure of the Islamic government. The minds of the Muslims have been consumed by the present day situation, and can only conceptualize the system of government through the depraved democratic regimes foisted upon Muslim countries.

This is not the only unfortunate aspect of a sad situation. An even more difficult task is transforming these minds seduced by Western culture. Western culture was the dagger drawn by the West in the face of the Islamic State, and by which it fatally stabbed her. Then, taking the weapon, dripping with blood, to her sons proudly said to them: I have killed your ailing mother, who deserved to be killed because of her poor guardianship and mismanagement and I have reserved for you the kind of life in which you will relish happiness and prosperity. They then offered to shake the hand of the murderer whose dagger was still stained with the blood of their mother. This, it is claimed, is just what the hyena does to its prey. The prey stands still, stunned and astonished, and does not come back to its senses until it is dealt a hard blow that makes it bleed, or is taken down to the valley to be eaten.

So how could such seduced minds come to realize that the poisonous dagger which killed their mother is the same one that is always threatening their own lives and very existence, unless they remove it from themselves. The concepts which the Muslims carry, such as nationalism, separating the religion from the State and the anti-Islamic notions are the very poison that this Western culture has injected in their veins. The chapter explaining the missionary invasion in this book contains facts and figures clearly showing in detail the true intentions of the killer and the true motives behind the crime, listing the means and methods used to carry it out. The only reason was to eradicate Islam, and the most effective weapon was this Western culture which the missionaries brandished and incipiently cut into their willing victims.

The Muslims were caught unaware of the potential dangers of such a culture, they began resisting and fighting the physical occupation of their lands while embracing the Western culture, which was the real reason behind the occupation taking root in their lands. The sad irony is that Muslims, while allegedly turning their backs on the foreigner and fighting the occupation, welcomed the West with open arms and drank from its cup of poison until they collapsed, weary, apathetic, and lifeless. One would think of them as casualties of war, while in reality, they were victims of ignorance and misguidance.

What do they actually seek? A state based on other than Islam? Or several states on Muslim land? The West, since becoming the effective ruling authority, has already given them several states; completing therefore its scheme of keeping Islam out of government, dividing the Muslim land and giving the Muslims a trivial facade of Islamic rule. From time to time, the West creates a new state for the Muslims, and it is more than willing to give them even more as long as they hold on to Western principles and concepts.

The point at hand is not establishing several states, but one single state over the entire Muslim world. And not establishing just any state, nor a state that calls itself Islamic while ruling by other than what Allah (swt) has decreed, nor a state calling itself Islamic and implementing Islamic Laws without carrying Islam via an intellectually based leadership. The crucial point at hand is not the establishment of such pseudo-Islamic states, but of a single state which would resume the Islamic way of life based upon the Islamic ‘Aqeedah, implement Islam within society after this was deeply rooted in the peoples’ hearts and minds, and which would carry the Message of Islam to the whole world.

The Islamic State is not a dream, nor is it a figment of the imagination, for it had dominated and influenced history for more than thirteen hundred years. It is a reality, it has always been and always will be. The vital elements of its existence are far greater than can be ignored or fought against by anything or anyone. The enlightened people have adopted it and it is the wish of the Ummah which is eager for the return of the glory of Islam. The Islamic State is not a desire that one aims to satisfy, but an obligation that Allah (swt) has decreed for the Muslims and commanded them to fulfill. He I warned of the punishment awaiting those who neglect this duty and promised reward to those who pursue this duty.

How are they to please their Lord if the ‘Izzah in their countries does not belong to Allah (swt), nor to His Messenger (pbuh), nor to the believers? How are they to be safe from His punishment if they do not establish a state that would prepare its military might, defend its territory, implement Allah’s rules and rule by what Allah (swt) has revealed? Therefore, the Muslims must establish the Islamic State, for Islam would not have an influential existence without it, and their land would not become Dar al-Islam unless it is ruled by that which Allah (swt) has revealed.

The Islamic State is by no means an easy endeavor. The pursuit of it should not fuel false hopes to opportunists (with the purpose of acquiring a position in it). The road is embedded with thorns, full of perils, obstacles and hardships, not to mention the non-Islamic culture, shallow thinking and pro- Western regimes which form a formidable obstacle. Those who truly tread the path of the Islamic call to restore the Islamic State, would be aiming to assume the authority in order to resume the Islamic way of life in the Muslim lands, and to convey the Message of Islam to the whole world. That is why they would reject sharing authority with anyone, no matter how great the temptation. They would also reject absolute rule unless they were capable of implementing Islam comprehensively, radically and instantaneously.

Finally, this book about the Islamic State is not meant to narrate its history but to explain how the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) established the Islamic State, and to show how the disbelieving colonialists destroyed it. It demonstrates how Muslims should re-establish their State so that the light that guided the world in the darkest of ages returns to enlighten humanity once again.

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